10 Benefits of PDO Thread Lifts

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10 Benefits of PDO Thread Lifts

Sutures made of polydioxanone (PDO) regularly feature in heart surgeries. This material is not only biologically inert, causing no reactions within your body, but it also breaks down in months so there’s no need to remove stitches made from PDO. It’s simply absorbed and flushed from your body. 

This is just one reason why PDO is an ideal material for a cosmetic procedure called a thread lift. The medical aesthetics team at Afzal Clinics in Woodbury, Edina, and Fridley, Minnesota, has PDO thread lift specialists who proudly offer MINT™ PDO threads. Dr. Kamran Afzal is an authorized trainer. 

10 benefits of PDO thread lifts

Few cosmetic treatments offer the wide range of aesthetic benefits you can gain from a procedure with PDO threads. These benefits are: 

  1. Tighter skin
  2. Reduced signs of aging
  3. Smoother skin
  4. Renewed collagen and elastin content
  5. Fewer visible lines and wrinkles
  6. Minimally invasive, nonsurgical procedure
  7. Little downtime after treatment
  8. No discomfort or pain
  9. Refreshed, younger-looking skin
  10. Glowing, well-hydrated appearance in treatment areas

Let’s look at how MINT PDO thread lifts work. 

How thread lifts work

Unlike a conventional facelift, there’s no cutting and removal of excess skin. Instead, the lift comes from within your skin. PDO threads are placed strategically under your skin, parallel to the surface, working from within to provide a two-stage aesthetic process. 

First, the PDO thread physically tightens skin as it’s placed. The presence of the PDO materials starts a selective inflammatory response that stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin tissue in the dermis. 

These tissues provide volume and elasticity to your skin, as well as storing extra moisture, a key factor in the healthy appearance of surface skin. 

PDO thread construction

While there are several design types of PDO thread, MINT uses molded manufacture to place one-way barbs along the length of thread in a helical pattern. These barbs permit easy insertion under the surface of your skin while offering maximum anchoring strength. 

Minimally invasive

A conventional facelift is a surgical procedure, requiring general anesthesia and long recovery times. Surgical incisions must be carefully planned to both remove excess skin and to hide the resulting scars. 

There’s no question that surgical facelifts produce dramatic results, but they require a strong commitment. The average facelift patient is over 55. 

PDO thread lifts require an appointment of about an hour, and their minimally invasive nature means that you have little recovery time. Thread lifts are safe and typically produce no scarring. 

The ideal thread lift patient could be in their 30s, and the subtle nature of the improvements produced by a thread lift blend well with younger skin. 

Learn more about MINT PDO thread lifts in consultation with an aesthetics expert at Afzal Clinics. They can also recommend complimentary treatments such as botulinum toxin type A injections and dermal fillers to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Book an appointment with the nearest office, by phone or online, to plan your PDO thread lift strategy today.